sequel … plus one

A long time and a lot of water and more travelling than I thought … here are a few additions to my sketchbook page. I hope you enjoy them and get a glimpse of what I saw and loved.

July 2019 Suburbia – Aurora, Durbanville

Saturday evening

April 2019 Edenveldt, near Clanwilliam, Western Cape

Sunset, Edenveldt
Ninja on the stoep, Edenvelt
Sunday afternoon, Edenveldt

March 2019 Suburbia – Aurora, Durbanville

Tao, Saturday afternoon snooze
Post deadline downtime

December 2018 The Bleak Mid-winter – Wales and London

Celyn Farm, Forest Coal Pit, Wales
Christmas, Forest Hill, London

September 2018 Suburbia – Aurora, Durbanville

Over the roof top – Yellowood tree

July 2018 Suburbia – Aurora, Durbanville

Tao on his favourite carpet

April 2018 Memories of Japan

Shinjuku, Tokyo
Tea house at the Imperial Palace Gardens, Tokyo
Beniya Mukayu, Kaga Onsen
Ryonji Temple dry garden, Kyoto

January 2018 Arnion, near Graafwater, Western Cape

Stoep grazing over a few days …
The family, Bonnie, Clyde and young Buttercup

September 2017 Suburbia – Aurora, Durbanville

Ripley on the gravel


Tao on his carpet

July 2017 – Tranquility and reflection: Tankwa Karoo, Western Cape

Anniversary mini-break, Tankwa Karoo

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