new beginnings

Hi and welcome to my Sketchbook page and my updated slightly friendlier site.

The Sketchbook is a new venture however as this is an artist’s website I will try and make the input more visual than verbal … anyway fingers crossed we will be pleasantly surprised by both.:)

This page will also encourage my daily sketching so … here are some recent sketches of our doggies Tao and Ripley and some happy sketching diary stuff I would like to share.

Tao and Ripley friends together
An unusually long pose for Ripley

Recently receiving an amazing orchid (aren’t they all?) as a gift I attempted to capture it simply (duh) in my sketchbook I typically ended up spending longer and finally got carried away with a close-up. 🙂



This Kiewiet obligingly sat gazing at me for quite some time giving me those extra sketching moments we all crave … even able to drop in a little mouse playing hide and seek.


3 thoughts on “new beginnings”

  1. Excellent, Doug!!! And a really easy website to view. Thanks for sending – always good to refresh us with your lovely work. Irisxxx

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